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2015 Summer Encourager

Passionate Family, God designed mankind with intellect and emotion. He in- tended that we would fully incorporate both what we know and how we feel into the rich experience of our fellowship with Him and in our interaction with those around us. Both God and Satan can greatly influence our intellect and emotions. To keep […]

2015 Spring Encourager

Fired-up Family, God bless you! Fire is referred to in the Bible over 500 times, involving both literal and symbolic meanings. Those occurrences include an emphasis on purification, sacrificial acceptance, righteous judgment and God’s passionate presence. Even subconsciously, we understand that fire suggests light, heat and power. It can serve us or harm us. It […]

Winter 2015

Friends of Living Water, God bless you as your life makes a splash for God! Throughout the Bible, water is often used as a symbol of the overflowing refreshment of God’s spirit, presence and blessings. Water… God’s spirit brooded over it at creation; Noah and baby Moses floated on it; it parted for the children of […]

Fall 2014

Dear World-Changers, God bless you in the grace of Jesus Christ! According to the annual World Urbanization Prospects report, the United Nations reveals that 54% of the world’s population now lives in cities. In 1950, that group was only 30%, but by 2050, it’s estimated that two-thirds of the whole world will live in urban […]

July/August 2014

Dear Family of God, May God favor you! Over the last year, we have given close attention to the inspired direction of “Jesus, Praise & Healing.” We’ve seen Jesus Christ as our focus; praise as our response; and healing as our benefit. God Himself has been glorified in it all. The fruit has been genuine […]

May/June 2014

Followers of the Lord, During the weekend of March 14-16, we Board members gathered with CFF’s Zone Coordinators and a few invited guests in Tipp City for a Jesus Summit. Many scriptural points and perspectives were brought forward concerning the heart and characteristics of our fellowship with the living Lord Jesus Christ. Tonia Shroyer led […]

March/April 2014

Dear Lover of “We,” Christ designed his growing Church as a collection of local spiritual families, within the global Family of God. I recall a phone conversation that I had several years ago in which someone asked me if their faithful Bible-reading was sufficient to replace their need for regular fellowship with believers. That startling, […]

January/February 2014

Dear Christ Followers, Happy new year, happy renewed year and happy new you (Romans 6:4; 2 Corinthians 5:17)! Launching into Christian living in 2014, I see rock and water as metaphors of the balanced walk of a believer. Walking with God suggests both solid and liquid characteristics. Believers should see themselves as unmovable on God’s […]

November/December 2013

Dear Ambassadors for Christ, God’s very best to you! Just out of college, as a young intern architect, I remember when my boss sent me to be our company’s representative at an evening social gathering attended by a number of the firm’s important clients. I was a bit surprised that he trusted me, a young […]