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JANUARY 1 — APRIL 10, 2018 (New Year’s Group)

Deadline to sign-up is December 27, 2017.

Theme:  Esther & the Hand of God
(Note:  This is the final time this MFC theme will be repeated.)

Messengers For Christ is a spiritual training opportunity of Christian Family Fellowship Ministry.  It is a commitment to discipline oneself to incorporate prayer and praise, reading God’s Word, speaking God’s Word, deliberate and purposeful giving, and fellowshipping with the saints into one’s lifestyle.

The main thrust of the 100-day Messengers For Christ 6 program is to investigate the Book of Esther with a view to better understand the mighty hand of God.  We will see God’s providence as He bares His arm on behalf of His people.  Understanding how He is always active in the lives of His people whether they realize it or not should provide strength and comfort as we walk in the steps of Jesus Christ in service to our God.

The Messenger for Christ 6 Commitment:
I am a Messenger For Christ and I commit myself to:

  • Speak in tongues the first thing in the morning when I arise.
  • Assemble and maintain a lift list (a prayer list to include the other MFC; to be used daily).
  • Spend at least 15 minutes in God’s Word reading the Scriptures every day.
  • Read and execute the Messengers For Christ Handbook 6 lesson for the day.
  • Learn and use retemories (Scripture “retained in the memory”), at least the ten provided.
  • Greet all the new people you meet with “God bless you” or something like that. (Saying it with friends and family is optional.)
  • Plan and execute a witnessing adventure of at least an hour each week.
  • Purpose in my heart (i.e. deliberate and decide) how I want to give each day.
  • Develop and maintain a regular fellowship schedule for the purpose of teaching, ministering to, and encouraging the people you meet and talk to during the program.  (This does not need to be a formal meeting — just time spent following up with people you have spoken to during the program.)
  • Develop a habit pattern of meekness to God and His Word.

As a Messenger for Christ I will:

  • Be faithful to my commitment.
  • Learn more about keeping God in my thinking with prayer and praise.
  • Learn more about receiving strength and comfort from God’s Word.
  • Learn more about overcoming the inertia of not speaking.
  • Learn more about operating all nine manifestations.
  • Learn more about training others by example and instruction.
  • Learn more about how to preach Christ in light of the mystery.
  • Learn more about telling my personal story of deliverance and victory.
  • Learn more about planning and executing an outreach adventure of at least an hour each week.
  • Learn more about using the outreach classes to develop my homechurch.
  • Use my Messenger for Christ Handbook 6 every morning and every evening.

The Commitment of CFFM to the Messengers for Christ:
Our commitment to the Messengers For Christ includes:

  • Personal, daily prayer support.
  • A curriculum on the book of Esther & the Hand of God. 
  • Daily email/phone contact from the training coordinator.

The Goals of the CFFM Messengers for Christ 6:

  • To develop habit patterns of prayer and praise, reading God’s Word, speaking God’s Word, deliberate and purposeful giving, and fellowshipping with the saints in one’s lifestyle.
  • To cultivate fruit of the spirit by operating manifestations of the spirit.
  • To establish and/or strengthen a home fellowship.
  • To help the participant recognize and appreciate the multi-faceted ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ and how it affects them personally.

To register, contact Wayne Clapp at / 850-982-3343 or complete the form below!  If you do not receive a confirmation email, within two days, that your registration has been received, please contact Wayne through email address or phone number above.