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By Tonia Shroyer – Senior Pastor

Our hearts at Christian Family Fellowship Ministry overflow with thankfulness for all of you who we love dearly and call family.

Together, we have had a full year of hosting many people from around the globe here in Tipp City. Since January, we’ve enjoyed our Men’s Discovery Weekend, Women’s “Called to Prophesy” Weekend, 25th annual Youth Excelling Spiritually (YES!) Camp – and we just completed a life-changing Kingdom Relationships Conference.

Mark your calendars for our next big event, March 3-5, 2023: “In Tune with the Spirit – Capturing the Heart of Worship and Praise Through Music.”

CFF musical group “Delighted” brought the heart of the Father to YES! Camp 2022. Photo by Debi Pilot Photography

After each event, there have been many testimonies of freedom, healing, and inspired hope. The joy that’s been generated when we gather in person and on live stream is tangible and uplifting. It’s a sowing back and forth of love, wisdom, and inspiration.

The word of God is the foundation for everything we do in life. So many are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, but we are assured that we will find a peace that passes all understanding when we stay in remembrance of the Father and His redemptive plan for our lives through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

“Be careful [anxious] for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 KJV

Relentless in Prayer

 Three days before camp, my husband Jeff went through a life-threatening medical crisis. We are extremely thankful that the Lord and His angels saw him through. We are believing for a full healing and recovery.

I wanted to share what Jeff recently posted on his Facebook page:

Have you prayed and prayed and prayed, and been ministered to repeatedly, and still not received your healing into manifestation?

 Fret not, but be relentless in your pursuit for healing and know that your Father God has already delivered you through the FAITH of Jesus Christ. Do not allow or be talked out of what God has promised, for He is able and willing to perform at any time.

 Claim what’s yours, stay the course, and you will not be disappointed.

 Time is short, and every day brings opportunity to walk out practicing what we have seen in Jesus’s life in the Scriptures. Especially during challenging life events, we’re reminded how much our family and friends mean to us as we navigate through sudden fear and uncertainty.

Your prayers, phone calls, cards, texts, and inquiries have boosted our hearts to stay the course. It’s healing for each of us to be an active part of an encouraging family.

Living in Love

 Across our events, the visitors and guest speakers have repeatedly shared that the atmosphere and culture we have at CFF is not found in many other places. “Don’t take it for granted,” they often say.

They refer to being accepted as part of our spiritual family, and they sense a deep love that has been shown to them regardless of behavior, age, or church affiliation.

So, we say “Thank YOU!” for the love you continue to show us – the letters of encouragement and testimonies of what the teaching of the Word has done for your life and family.

A Year of Growth

 Your prayers, love, and generous financial giving have helped support all of these ministry efforts in 2022:

  • Funding a life-changing youth camp week for young people and crew from almost half of the states in the country
  • Brought in guest speakers for our events from around the states and the world to share what the Lord has taught them
  • Sent out our staff to teach, minister, and network in several states at conferences and fellowships
  • Financially partnered with the work and growth of six itinerant pastors and teachers, as well as local Skate Church, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Time to Revive, Uganda school construction, Macedonia church growth, and Bible distribution in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Messengers for Christ discipleship adventure with 218 people from 23 states and 19 internationals
  • Made available online and in-person prophetic training seminars
  • Funded benevolence to the elderly, widowed, and ill
  • Helped encourage our CFF Pastoral Care Network and State Contacts
  • Maintained our church and guesthouse facilities, as well as 33 acres of grounds that we’ve stewarded for God during the last 26 years
  • Ministry outreach by quarterly issues of Encourager newsletter, website, live streaming, Zoom fellowships, social media, blogging, and mailings
  • Sown generously into the local community through city celebrations, school prayer events, Veterans Day functions, prayer over City Council, annual National Day of Prayer, and involvement on city boards

During the coming holidays and 2023 New Year, we will be praying for the Lord to kindle a fresh flame in our hearts to speak and live with love and kindness.

We’ll encourage everyone to come to the Word of God with humble, teachable hearts, so that the holy spirt can impart fresh revelation that will bring clarity and direction.

Our lives call out to those around us. May our lips answer with grace and peace from a heart full of love.

Remember that you are loved and you belong.

If you have a testimony to share or question about ministry involvement, email Office Manager Sarah Mullens at sarah@cffm.org.