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2017 Spring Encourager

Dear Kingdom-Movers, In his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus taught that the primary way to get the things we need in life is, ironically, not to pursue them. Matthew 6:31-34 (Passion Translation) So then, forsake your worries! Why would you say, “What will we eat?” or “What will we drink?” or “What will […]

2017 Winter Encourager

Dear Inspired Family, Recently, we’ve been enjoying a theme of “The Prophetic Life” from our ministry lectern in Tipp City. Titles have been: They Began, Pressing In, Eagerly Prophesy, and Receive Prophecy. The word prophecy in the New Testament Greek language simply means “to speak forth.”  Christian scholar Wayne Grudem boils down biblical prophecy to […]

2016 Fall Encourager

Dear Family & Friends, God is always ready to energize a refreshing sense of mission and purpose in His people at any age. We sometimes allow our stage in life to have too much influence over us. Some of us think we’re too young and inexperienced to accomplish something significant for the Lord; some think […]

2016 Summer Encourager

Dear Family & Friends, “Every bird has two wings”… Often two important Biblical truths need to be blended together in order for us to grasp the depth of each individual idea. Two related truths that greatly affect our faith are the physical departure of Jesus as well as his on-going presence in our lives. And […]

2016 Spring Encourager

Dear Family & Friends, During preparation for the Miracle of Marriage conference in March, we thought it would be a blessing to focus The Encourager cover letter toward the subject of marriage and relationships, with a personal focus from our three board couples. Click to download and view The Encourager

Winter 2016 Encourager

Dear King’s Kids, The Bible contains a rich variety of symbolism to help us understand the multi-faceted relationship between God, Christ and the believers. Among those descriptions are Father and family, Lord and Church, Master and servant, groom and bride, and Head and body. Click to view the 2016 Winter Encourager

Fall 2015 Encourager

Dear Halleluia Family, The guiding signposts of Christian Family Fellowship Ministry are “Jesus, our focus; Praise, our response; Healing, our benefit.” The purpose of each of these is to glorify God! Focusing on the Lord Jesus glorifies our Father God (Philippians 2:11; Hebrews 2:9; 12:3). Responding to God in praise glorifies Him (Psalm 50:23). And […]

2015 Summer Encourager

Passionate Family, God designed mankind with intellect and emotion. He in- tended that we would fully incorporate both what we know and how we feel into the rich experience of our fellowship with Him and in our interaction with those around us. Both God and Satan can greatly influence our intellect and emotions. To keep […]

2015 Spring Encourager

Fired-up Family, God bless you! Fire is referred to in the Bible over 500 times, involving both literal and symbolic meanings. Those occurrences include an emphasis on purification, sacrificial acceptance, righteous judgment and God’s passionate presence. Even subconsciously, we understand that fire suggests light, heat and power. It can serve us or harm us. It […]