He’s Coming Back:

God’s Appointed Times in the Heavens Seminar

God’s Biblical Calendar
The Lord’s Feast Days
The Shemitah/God’s Final Jubilee
Biblical Patterns
God’s Prophetic Blueprint
Prophetic Signs and End Times
… and much more!

Presenting this seminar is Diane Martinez
from Palm Harbor, Florida

Diane has over 35 years of experience in biblical research,
teaching, education, and counseling. For the past 3 years,
she has been traveling around the country teaching
nondenominational Christian weekend seminars,
particularly focusing on the Hope and
Return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

REGISTRATION FEE: $35 per person for seminar
LIVE STREAMING FEE: $45 per household
For more information,
email [email protected] or call (937) 669-3090.

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