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By Joyell Nevins – CFFM Blogger

 What you focus on, you empower. The more we focus on the Father, ask Him to work in our lives, and expect Him and Jesus to show up, the more they will!

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20 KJV

 In Ephesians 3:20, Paul reminds God that He can do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.” WOW. But y’all, if we’re not thinking, and we’re not asking, that doesn’t set the bar very high!

It Starts with the Little Things…

I live in a heavily populated city, and parking is regularly at a premium. Several occasions when I was riding or completing errands with friend from my fellowship, she would ask God for a parking space. And we would always get it, too – VIP parking, by wherever we needed to go!

After riding with her a few times, I thought ‘wait, if God can do this for her, He can do it for me, too!’ So, I started asking and expecting when I was by myself in the car. And did God show up?

Yes, He did! Trying to find parking took on a lot less stress and a lot more of ‘ooh God, what are you going to open for me today?’

Now, was God capable of moving cars and positioning myself for the perfect parking space before I met my friend? Of course. But, I never thought to ask, and never looked for Him to work in that manner.

Another time, I was working food delivery with Door Dash, and only had a certain amount of time to do it before my next appointment.  While on my way home in that final 15 minutes, I came up on a popular fast food joint called Burros and Fries.

The Burros & Fries mascot

I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I just got an order there and was able to finish off with one more?’ Technically, I wasn’t even praying. It was a casual question – you know, this would be nice if…

Immediately following that question came the thought, ‘go ahead in the parking lot.’ My internal dialogue responded, ‘Joyell, that’s ridiculous, just keep driving.’

But when I came to the light that Burros is on the corner of, my phone dinged – Door Dash sent me an order for Burros! I did a U-turn, and bonus – the customer was in the area of town that I needed to be for my next errand. And If I had listened to that still small voice, I would have already been sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant when the order came in!

And Grows to Bigger Things…

 Asking and expecting takes our life from the mundane to the miraculous. Another friend of mine who was running very late had ONE HOUR to get from a suburb of New Jersey to Newark Airport, return her rental car, and pass through security to the gate where the flight was boarding. Any of our East Coast believers will tell you, that’s basically impossible.

But, she is a woman who believes in an impossible God. So, she asked: ‘Lord, I know my lateness is my fault and I don’t deserve Your grace, but can you help me out?’

Again, God showed up. There was no traffic on I-95 southbound (did I mention this was right around that 5 o’clock rush hour?), she accidentally navigated right to the spot where her rental car should be left, and then almost walked past security because there was no line!

So this picture is from the Oregon Department of Transportation, but you get the idea!

 My friend was SITTING at her gate before the boarding call even began. Now tell me, when does that ever happen? When we ask God to show up, that’s when! I love a line I heard a preacher say: “ask God to show up and show out, and He will!”

“For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37 (said the angel Gabriel to Mary the mother of Jesus right after she asked how she could be a virgin and still get pregnant?!)

 And Keeps Growing…

 Not only is seeing God do small miracles just a fun way to live life, it sets us up to see Him move in the big arenas as well. Jesus told the disciples “whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much” (Luke 16:10). He was speaking in reference to being good stewards of money and resources, but the concept applies more widely than that.

Because God shows up in little things and is faithful to meet the small prayers, He can show up in big circumstances and meet the big prayers, too. Be that having vision that is almost gone completely restored, helping create an entire street praise movement in the “unprecedentedness” of 2020, or healing of kidney cancer (as in, NO MORE CANCER).

Across the country, God is moving in the lives of those who ask Him, and Christian Family Fellowship is excited to keep asking!

God is still in the miracle working business. Where are you expecting Him to show up today?

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 Do you have your own testimony or story of God’s miracles to share? Email Sarah Mullens at sarah@cffm.org.

 I love when God takes care of the big things and the little things too!