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Christian Family Fellowship writings provide you with teaching material and updates in our ministry.

Lord, Open My Eyes to Your Wonder

By Wayne Clapp - Associate Pastor We find in Psalms 119:18 a beautifully simple prayer.  It is one that I have repeated frequently before beginning to read or study the scriptures. My searching of the scriptures always seems more profitable when I do so because it...

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The Journey of Health: Body, Mind, & Spirit

By Kristen Allen - Troy, Ohio What I have discovered about health in the past five years goes beyond what we see and is so unique to each of us. When I first took an interest in health and wellness, it started with fitness. It was actually through training for my...

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Leaving Imprints of Love

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger Splat! I accidentally hit my morning coffee mug, and the contents went cascading down the wall and splashed onto my rocker as well. I got the necessary materials to clean up the mess, and then continued on with my day with only slightly...

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A Year of Healing and Hope

By Tonia Shroyer - Senior Pastor Our hearts at Christian Family Fellowship Ministry overflow with thankfulness for all of you who we love dearly and call family. Together, we have had a full year of hosting many people from around the globe here in Tipp City. Since...

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Know Your True Worth

By Chuck Davis - Columbia, Maryland Believing we are who God says we are does not always come quickly or easily. The journey takes commitment over time, but God’s love is unconditional. I want to share with you some major challenges I had growing up and into adulthood...

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Restoration is Available!

The “Kingdom Relationships” was an explosive weekend of heart healing and relationship growth. More than 100 attendees and 23 live stream locations listened as Christian Family Fellowship staff and guest speakers gave Scripture insight, practical application, and...

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Check Your Connection

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger The tango is a dance of elongated steps, sudden turns, and constant movement. It requires grace, communication, and intention. And for me, a lot of stops, starts, and nervous laughter! From the 'Montevideo Tango' festival in Uruguay....

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Our Ultimate Remedy: The Living and Written Word

By Tom Dill  - Associate Pastor Amid the health concerns in the world today, we who believe that the Word of God (in writing, the Bible) is truth need to keep our thoughts and words in alignment with Scripture. Do we believe that the Word of God is reality for us? Or...

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