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Testimony by Terri Marsh

By Terri Marsh

This is a picture of a patient who was very sick. She didn’t speak English, originally from Nepal. She was in bad pain one day. I had gone to the nurse and asked for pain meds but the nurse had given them about 30 minutes prior. They should have kicked in by then. So I […]

Thank God for victory!

By Tony Dean

A gentleman who comes to our fellowship Allen Trembath (A.K.A Shorty) was recently diagnosed with a cyst on his brain after a MRI was performed.  Allen is a long haul truck driver, because of his condition, he lost his job.  On Monday 8/10 he had a appointment with his neurologist for treatment options, while he was […]

Home Protection

By Sandy Furst

CLAIMING SONSHIP RIGHTS WITH AUTHORITY OF THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST **** The prayer/declaration: 24 hours prior to the event. I was home alone praying in the spirit and praising God and His Son Jesus Christ. I was inspired as I walked all through our home speaking out loud with authority claiming and declaring a […]

Bible Conference

By Sandy Furst

My sister and I planned to meet in San Diego for a Bible conference. Since I live in Illinois, I made my flight reservations with a connecting flight in Denver. It was critical that I make my connecting flight so that I could arrive the night before the conference began. Well, my flight from Illinois […]

Jim Landed the Job He Wanted After Prayer!

By Anonymous

About a year ago, my friend, Jim, lived out of state and was/is a nurse, looking for a job with a particular NC hospital.  With no results, he moved to NC in hopes that it would help him get hired.  Although he was still working as a traveling nurse 6 months later, even in the […]

Pain Free Recovery

By Tricia Espinosa Williams

The morning of Jan. 2, 2014, I had surgery to correct a deviated septum (the inside ridge of my nose was crooked, partly blocking my left nostril). It was a day surgery which meant I went home after recovery, around 10:30 a.m. with a narcotic prescription for pain. Prior to surgery, the doctor and I […]

God is Good

By Anonymous

God is good!  For the past 10 days my family has been experiencing a health concern with one of our own.  Two major surgeries and the word being expect the worse.  Well, things did get better then there was a setback yesterday but better news today.  I also received the CFFM Internet Newsletter today and […]

God Bless You All

By Christopher Cortise

I just want to let you know that we finally sold the house in Visalia and in about two weeks will be moving to Missouri city, Texas. I still need prayer is about looking for a job in getting a good paying one also for my ministry and being bold and to have fellowship at […]

Lillian Got Healed

By Anonymous

Lillian got healed! Last night at Shane’s place, Lillian came up to me and told me that her side was hurting. She showed me where and said that everytime she put pressure there it was painful. So I had her put her hand where the pain was and then I laid my hand on top. […]