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Sharing from Linda W

By Linda Williams

God is so awesome how He works in situations in our lives.  Just wanted to share with you all about an “open door” to share the Word with a child – we are Messengers for Christ not just to adults, but to children also. I was reminded of the verses in Matthew 19:13 and 14. […]


By Gail Collinson

So you know I’m recuperating from a foot injury (which God healed because I know it WAS broken!) and I was comfy at home watching an old movie on TCM and didn’t want to go out at all! When I had the sudden urge to go to the beach. I haven’t really gone out since […]

Sharing from Michael Johnson

By Michael Johnson

Good evening Wayne and MFC sanctified super saints,   I just completed re-reading pages 1,2 and 53,54 this evening and “Praise the Lord” for your letter today. I give God and Jesus Christ glory for all they have done for me in these short 65 days. Most know of the cardio situations I am continuing […]

God healed my foot and a friend

By Gail Collinson

So I hurt my foot last Saturday night on a bad step in front of Frank’s Pizza and the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t walk. I knew I had either broken it or fractured it, the symptoms pointed to that on Webmd. I couldn’t walk for 3 days. Then I asked for prayer from you, […]

Sharing from Ferne Clapp

By Ferne Clapp

This past Sunday night I was laying on my bed late at night listening to Pandora just to get my mind on God because my back was hurting and I had had some pain in my legs.  A song came on that is called You Are My Hiding Place, I Will Trust in You by the […]

Testimony by Mikey Inman

By Mikey Inman

A few years ago, I was given ten years to live. I was diagnosed with the advanced late stages of liver cirrhosis. I was told that if I did not quit abusing myself, I would be lucky to see my youngest daughter graduate… [but] I did not quit my old lifestyle. Now comes the good […]

Testimony by Terri Marsh

By Terri Marsh

This is a picture of a patient who was very sick. She didn’t speak English, originally from Nepal. She was in bad pain one day. I had gone to the nurse and asked for pain meds but the nurse had given them about 30 minutes prior. They should have kicked in by then. So I […]

Thank God for victory!

By Tony Dean

A gentleman who comes to our fellowship Allen Trembath (A.K.A Shorty) was recently diagnosed with a cyst on his brain after a MRI was performed.  Allen is a long haul truck driver, because of his condition, he lost his job.  On Monday 8/10 he had a appointment with his neurologist for treatment options, while he was […]

Home Protection

By Sandy Furst

CLAIMING SONSHIP RIGHTS WITH AUTHORITY OF THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST **** The prayer/declaration: 24 hours prior to the event. I was home alone praying in the spirit and praising God and His Son Jesus Christ. I was inspired as I walked all through our home speaking out loud with authority claiming and declaring a […]