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What are you doing about that?


Someone asked me a few years ago “What are you doing about that?” and at the moment, it startled me into asking myself that very question. It is three years later and in light of the upcoming Kingdom Relationships: Marriage & Single Living Conference, Nov 9-11, I ask you, who does that not include?  At […]

More Power Than the Devil

By Linda Williams

God is so awesome how He works in situations in our lives.  Just wanted to share with you all about an “open door” to share the Word with a child – we are Messengers for Christ not just to adults, but to children also. I was reminded of the verses in Matthew 19:13 and 14. […]

Sharing from Michael Johnson

By Michael Johnson

Good evening Wayne and MFC sanctified super saints,   I just completed re-reading pages 1,2 and 53,54 this evening and “Praise the Lord” for your letter today. I give God and Jesus Christ glory for all they have done for me in these short 65 days. Most know of the cardio situations I am continuing […]

Sharing from Ferne Clapp

By Ferne Clapp

This past Sunday night I was laying on my bed late at night listening to Pandora just to get my mind on God because my back was hurting and I had had some pain in my legs.  A song came on that is called You Are My Hiding Place, I Will Trust in You by the […]

Testimony by Mikey Inman

By Mikey Inman

A few years ago, I was given ten years to live. I was diagnosed with the advanced late stages of liver cirrhosis. I was told that if I did not quit abusing myself, I would be lucky to see my youngest daughter graduate… [but] I did not quit my old lifestyle. Now comes the good […]

Testimony by Terri Marsh

By Terri Marsh

This is a picture of a patient who was very sick. She didn’t speak English, originally from Nepal. She was in bad pain one day. I had gone to the nurse and asked for pain meds but the nurse had given them about 30 minutes prior. They should have kicked in by then. So I […]

Thank God for victory!

By Tony Dean

A gentleman who comes to our fellowship Allen Trembath (A.K.A Shorty) was recently diagnosed with a cyst on his brain after a MRI was performed.  Allen is a long haul truck driver, because of his condition, he lost his job.  On Monday 8/10 he had a appointment with his neurologist for treatment options, while he was […]

Home Protection

By Sandy Furst

CLAIMING SONSHIP RIGHTS WITH AUTHORITY OF THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST **** The prayer/declaration: 24 hours prior to the event. I was home alone praying in the spirit and praising God and His Son Jesus Christ. I was inspired as I walked all through our home speaking out loud with authority claiming and declaring a […]

Bible Conference

By Sandy Furst

My sister and I planned to meet in San Diego for a Bible conference. Since I live in Illinois, I made my flight reservations with a connecting flight in Denver. It was critical that I make my connecting flight so that I could arrive the night before the conference began. Well, my flight from Illinois […]