My sister and I planned to meet in San Diego for a Bible conference. Since I live in Illinois, I made my flight reservations with a connecting flight in Denver. It was critical that I make my connecting flight so that I could arrive the night before the conference began. Well, my flight from Illinois was delayed by one hour which meant I would miss my connecting flight. Here were the options:

1. Keep my reservation and believe to get the original connecting flight.
2. Give up my seat and fly stand-by at 9 p.m. in Denver. Flight was already full.
3. Wait until Sunday to fly. This wasn’t an option because I would miss the conference!

I knew it was God’s desire and mine that I attend and fellowship with others at the conference so I decided that God would make option #1 possible.

Here’s what God did to make it happen:

The flight from Illinois to Denver was so wonderful because I sat next to another Christian who prayed for me that I would make the connecting flight. Before we landed in Denver, the flight attendant announced that those making the connecting flight to San Diego were to de-plane first. And we did! Then, the connecting flight gate was next to where we exited. However, the door to the plane had already been closed for departure. And as many of you know, they DO NOT re-open the plane door. But it was opened for us. Miraculous huh? Not for our God!! Praise God for His great love.

God’s blessings to all of you,
Sandy Furst