**** The prayer/declaration: 24 hours prior to the event. I was home alone praying in the spirit and praising God and His Son Jesus Christ. I was inspired as I walked all through our home speaking out loud with authority claiming and declaring a hedge of protection – that Angels encamp around the perimeter of our property, as well as inside and outside our home to protect our dwelling.  I also asked God to sanctify our home as a House of God – to bless it in the name of Jesus Christ – that He fill our house with people for a home fellowship to praise and worship.

**** The victory: Trees were supernaturally held up only approximately 15 ft from directly over top of our roof and Steve’s pick-up truck sitting there in the driveway. Proven by an eye-witness report. (Tree limb debris was strewn all over the yard.)

Thursday evening 3/6/14
We went out of town to celebrate Steve’s birthday. An ice storm with heavy winds came up. Our electricity was off from Friday until late Saturday. While we were away, a neighbor 2 doors down opposite side, out of direct view of our house, texted to ask us if we were ok.  (Now we know why….)
The other neighbor (Nascar mechanic), directly beside us along the tree line in full view of our property witnessed this event. In fact, he was so concerned for our safety, he walked over to see if we were ok, but we were away at Myrtle Beach!
The neighbor told Steve the story after we returned home: He said incredulously; “The wind was so strong that many trees from the side line were bent all the way directly over top of the house and pickup truck! They just hung there ‘suspended’! I just couldn’t believe that they didn’t crash through it! I could not understand how they stayed up only approximately 15ft from the roof!!!” (He was watching the whole thing unfold.)
When we arrived back home we saw pine sprigs and debris over the yard and driveway and the dog fence. We thanked God that our Lab was at the kennel. (Sophie does not like storms.) We knew a bad storm had happened. A small tree was down in the back yard and only a tiny limb went through the eve/gutter of the house (no big deal).
As Steve began to tell me the eyewitness report from our neighbor, we began to cry. We both knew that God had protected us and our home. He set his angels (his ministering spirits) charge over us. I recalled my claim for it and he recalled that I had (for some reason before the event happened) had told him of my declaration.

*** God keeps confirming to me that he hears me. His word does not come back void.
PSALM 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 34:7 The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear (reverence) him and delivereth them.