About a year ago, my friend, Jim, lived out of state and was/is a nurse, looking for a job with a particular NC hospital.  With no results, he moved to NC in hopes that it would help him get hired.  Although he was still working as a traveling nurse 6 months later, even in the hospital that he wanted to be hired at, he was not hired by the hospital.  I knew him because we work together in this hospital but was unaware that he was not full time.  In conversation, he told me the story.  We prayed right then and decided Christmas, 12/25/13, would be the deadline for his being hired by the hospital.  I did not see him again until today.  He not only still works here but Monday, 1/13/14, was his first day as a full time employee of the hospital.  He states that the prayer and goal we agreed on back in early December, 2013, was/is, “without a doubt” the reason it happened.  Praise God.  Prayer works, I am so thankful we are powerful through JC our Lord.

A thankful believer/NC