Good evening Wayne and MFC sanctified super saints,
I just completed re-reading pages 1,2 and 53,54 this evening and “Praise the Lord” for your letter today. I give God and Jesus Christ glory for all they have done for me in these short 65 days. Most know of the cardio situations I am continuing to see great gains in. Tonight, reading this pages brought back some thankfulness I’d gotten a little sloppy with between my ears.
When I signed up for MFC, this AFIB was minimal, at least in my thinking. I was not real concerned about it and feeling quite well. This was around the first part of October, 2016 if I recall properly.
Late November, 2016, this issue took a bad turn. Obviously, these facts have been stated before in this forum.
January 1st, 2017. When I first read these pages, I was at home, told to do nothing per my cardiologist. And I did obey his directive as best I could. (I am kinda used to being active, at least while at work. I am not wired naturally to be passive and this is another reason MFC has fit for me at various times over the years.) Also, I was very heavily medicated at this time and did not realize the side effects which came with the meds. I have mentioned witnessing in my backyard. God met my need to speak His word about Jesus on my own property line.
Tonight when I read the handbook pages, I realized how clear my mind is presently and throughout the day. My energy level is up 5 fold. I am continually getting better. this all brings up extremely deep emotion for me because I probably would not have made out of 2017 without the medical procedure which was done and what Jesus continues to do in this body. 
1st follow up appointment, some minor afib still showing on EKG.
2nd follow up appointment, NO AFIb showing up on EKG. Meds are still cut in half.
So, I am very thankful to re-read these pages even with them reproving me in some areas to get after it more. I see God’s healing taking place. There is not place for apathy, bitterness, disgust… but there is huge amounts of room for thankfulness, rejoicing in the Lord, peace, healing, all the fruit of the spirit, … if you get my drift.
Thanks again for all your daily communications and to all my fellow MFC, thanks for your prayers. I look forward my lift list time for all of you daily. It is uplifting to do so. 
Love in Christ… that guy again,
Michael Johnson
PS. I have been praying more fervently for the high school where I work keeping the air conditioning on. 
I have had to listen to many others and their family challenges. Today, this new woman whom I have never seen before sat down at the table with me. We had a great discussion. She happened to be the new school board representative. She gave me her card and wants to hear from me on some points. I could not talk long but I found this quite interesting in light of praying for what sometimes seems to be a Godless place. Well it is not, there are lots of Christians there holding their foot on satan’s head each day. LOL. I love it.