This is a picture of a patient who was very sick. She didn’t speak English, originally from Nepal. She was in bad pain one day. I had gone to the nurse and asked for pain meds but the nurse had given them about 30 minutes prior. They should have kicked in by then. So I went back to my little friend and did the universal sign for praying, hands together. She said “Yes” and pointed to her ear, which I prayed in it. As I prayed, she did also in her own language. I had to leave the room after, but a short time later I passed by her door and her arms were waving in the air, praising Jesus. I joined her! We did this many times after that. This picture is with my friend “Pastor Betty “whose camp I attended a few months back and previously wrote about. My patient friend was getting discharged this day and had me and Betty pray to her. This is our praise Jesus picture!! (It is HIPPA friendly as it was taken by family.) Our patient’s daughter and son interpreted for us! They were such wonderful people and Christians. My patient and her family will be moving to Columbus, Ohio and my nurse friend will be moving to Fairborn/ Dayton area where I had lived also. Small world! God is so good! We just can’t make this stuff up! Praises to God and my Lord Jesus.

Terri Marsh Roy, Utah