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By CFFM Staff

When does a restroom stop turn into a holy encounter and God-shot? When you’re a child of God walking with your spiritual eyes and ears open!

Pastors Mike and Judi Magel were recently driving from Florida to Ohio, and Judi needed to use the restroom. The rest area was closed, then the next exit had no options, so by the time the third exit came up with a sign for McDonalds, she was ready to stop.

But as Judi rushed into the fast food restaurant, the Lord pointed out a couple to her and said, “ask them if they love Jesus.”

Judi admitted that’s not usually her style of approaching people, but she told the Lord, “okay, I’ll do it!”

So, after taking care of her business, Judi walked over and asked them, “Do you love Jesus?”

The male of the couple was a big man. When he just stared at her for a moment, showing no emotion, Judi started to get nervous…maybe she misunderstood what God wanted?

But then, his face erupted in a big smile, showing a set of beautiful teeth, and he exclaimed, “we surely do!”

Judi learned that he and his wife, along with a small faithful group, had not just planted a church, but literally built the church. His first name was even “Bishop.”

Judi told him, “Well, aren’t you something?!” and offered his wife one of her tiny jeweled angel pins. The wife accepted with joy, and then Bishop asked, “do you have one for me?” He even asked Judi to pin it on his polo shirt for him!

By this time, Mike had walked over. He asked if the couple had anything, they needed prayer for. Their demeanor changed, and Bishop explained that they had just gotten back from the doctor, where he received the results of his MRI – and they didn’t look good.

But no prognosis is too bad when Jesus is involved! Mike pulled over a chair, asked Bishop to sit in it and put his legs out. It was clear that Bishop’s legs were off by a good inch, as the heels did not line up. Mike told him, “keep your eyes open and look what the Lord’s going to do!”

Judi said Bishop felt, and they all saw, his legs shift into alignment as Mike prayed. Bishop told them that from his waist down, he was just tingling. Mike said, “that’s called a God-shot!”

Judi further affirmed from her spirit that when Bishop went back for his next appointment, he was going to get total healing!

But God wasn’t done with this couple, yet. Bishop’s wife Priscilla approached Judi and said, “I’ve never, ever asked anyone to pray for me before, but would you?”

Judi said wholeheartedly, yes! When she was finished ministering to Priscilla, there were hugs and thanks all around…and as a special send-off, the actual tables lit up (some gimmick of McDonalds that turned on at just the right time)!

“I said, look, we are the lights of the world!” Judi exclaimed.

That was just lunch time. The Magels’ operation of the spirit God has given us – of the power that is available to anyone born again – kept going at dinner.

They stopped at the restaurant Cracker Barrel, and it was packed. Mike and Judi were impressed with the efficiency of their waitress as she flew around her section, taking care of all the tables, so Judi gave her an angel pin to say, ‘thank you.’

The waitress said, “oh, I have an angel story to tell you!” She shared that six years before, she was in a horrible car accident.

The medical professionals told her that she would never walk again, would probably never talk again, and definitely have no quality of life (yes, this is the same waitress that was running around the restaurant).

She told them, “I know there was an angel,” and that the accident and recovery totally changed her – not just physically, but her lifestyle and heart choices, too. She also mentioned ruefully that she does still have to take pain medication every day.

Mike jumped in, “Well, God is able to take care of that – would you like us to pray with you?”

When she agreed, he and Judi ministered to her leg and her back, which still had rods in it. When they were finished speaking, Mike asked her to do something, anything, that she wasn’t able to do before.

The waitress reached down and touched her toes – something she had not been able to do even before the accident!! She was also able to flex her back, and as she was maneuvering, she noticed that the lump on her back was gone, too! She told them, “I will never forget you.”

What a power-packed day! Fellow believers, that’s how any day can be when we walk in the power and might of the Lord and seek opportunities to heal and bless His people.

What is your story or testimony to share? Email sarah@cffm.org and we may post it for all to be inspired!

May all glory go to the Almighty God and His son, King Jesus!

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:14-16 NIV