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By Bob Bertrand, as shared at a CFF Sunday “Thanksliving Part 2” Service  – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Who here believes in healing? Well, I’m talking to the right crowd. Back in 2019, I had to have back surgery. Prior to that, because of my age, they said they wanted me to go to the cancer center for a bone marrow test, to make sure that I was strong enough to receive this back surgery.

So, I did that, and everything turned out well. I had the back surgery, and that turned out extremely well.

I’m living my life, everything is great, and God calls me to do a great big huge job. He said, “I’ve got work for you to do, and I will keep you healthy if you’ll take this job.”

Well, that job amounted to be raising three small children at 76-years-old. My ex-wife, who I’m best friends with, called me up and said, “I’ve got these three kids whom we’ve adopted. I need your help raising them – would you be willing to do so?”

I talked to God, and He said “Yes, indeed, do that. I will keep you healthy.” So, I took his word for that. I moved into Kalamazoo, moved in with my ex-wife, and we are successfully raising three beautiful children to this day.

That being said, part of the healing process of the back surgery was that I had to go every six months to the cancer center to have some tests done and make sure everything stayed normal. So, the first six months, I went back and he said, “Well, your counts are a little bit off. We need to watch that.”

Ok cool: alright Father, counts are off, let’s fix that. So, six months goes by, and I go back. He said, “Your counts are still off; I want to do a test.”

So, they did some tests: blood work and that sort of thing. Called me back in two weeks later, and said, “I’ve got some bad news for you, Bob. If you don’t do anything right now, you got six months to live. The only thing that you can do really to continue your life is to have a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, at your age, that’s probably not going to happen.”

Father’s in the Fixin’ Business

First thing, my roommate Carrie said to him, “Well, we believe in prayer.” He said, “Well, sometimes that works.” So right there, I thought, ok, you’re fired, you’re done.

I left that office that day, got in the car and told Carrie, “You know, God called me to help you raise these children. He’s not going to falter me now. We cast this down in the name of Jesus Christ.” And we go on about our business.

We got home, and God said call Chuck [Watson]. He was one of my best friends – he and I fought a lot of battles together. He brought me back from life a couple times – or back from death a couple of times I should say.

So, I told Chuck what the situation was. He said, “We’ll call some people, we’ll get some prayer going, and we’ll meet Friday and get you ministered to.” I thought, I’m good with that.

We meet Friday, and Sid [Helmus] shows up. I assumed Sid knew all about it, but Chuck didn’t call Sid. He didn’t know anything about it. So, once I told Sid, he said, “Did you receive that?” I went, “Hell no!”

So, we go outside, and Sid prays for me, and I’m good, everything’s good, no problems, everything’s great now. I got ministered to, I’m good, I believe that.

Jesus Makes It Personal

The next day, we’re at a wedding for Chuck’s granddaughter, and Sid was there. He came up to me and said, “God has spoken to me and He wants me to pray for you again.” So, we go upstairs – now this is where it gets good, folks!

As he’s praying, Jesus Christ spoke up and said to me – he said my name.  He said, “Bob, as I was taking those stripes, I was thinking about you and this very situation. You are healed.” He said, “You are healed.” That’s what he told me personally.

Something that Sid didn’t know and probably no one else knew except my God and my Father is that everyday at the end of my day, when I thank God for the day and for the blessings that he gave me and forgiving me from my sins, I always add “and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.” Just something that I personally do.

At the end of this talk with Jesus, when he said, “Bobby, you are healed,” he added, “and I have forgiven you from your sins, and you are cleansed from all unrighteousness.”

Icing on the cake! So, from that point forward – Jesus Christ spoke to me, folks! I’m healed. I have no question in my mind whatsoever: I’m good.

So, the people that love me the most talked me into at least talking to my [primary] doctor. So, I called him. He had 10 years prior fought bone marrow cancer, and had won the battle. I figured he would certainly understand.

Well, he wanted me to go to Chicago, to the Cancer Institute of Chicago, to get a second opinion. Well, I trust him, as we’re all geared to do, we trust our doctors.

So, I did what he said to do. The first doctor I went to told me I had six months to live – that would have put me in this past March [this testimony was given in the month of April]. I would have been gone.

The cancer center in Chicago said, “That was a little pessimistic. You actually got about a year and a half.” Well, that’s nice, but I don’t believe that. I said, “The reason I’m here is so that you can prove to the medical people in Kalamazoo that I’m healed.”

Well, that didn’t quite turn out the way I expected it to – he still said that the bone marrow test showed up that I still had this cancer. And I never accepted it. I haven’t accepted it to this day.

God healed me because of Sid Helmus who ministered to me. Jesus Christ spoke through his vocal cords to me personally.

I Know His Voice

Now, why do I know that it was Jesus Christ that spoke to me personally?

I’m 76 years old, and I’ve been around for a long time – I’ve heard the voice before. The last time I heard it was when Pastor Kevin Guigou was in town. He ministered to my shoulder, which I had dealt with for three years, and healed me that day of a rotator cuff that was bad.

So, I know the power of Christ when a man of God speaks – if you believe it, and tap into it, and don’t let any doubt come in, you will win the battle! I have won this battle, I do no longer have bone marrow cancer, and I stand before you believing in the power of God and the power of healing!

Update: As of this publication, Bob is 100% cancer free! For the whole teaching and testimony, watch “Thanksliving in God’s Grace – Part 2.”