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God bless you and greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who answered people’s cries for help (Matthew 14:30-31).

We stay put on the Word because it is the only thing that has ever made a difference in anybody’s life… at least in my life. I have loved God since I can remember, since I was a child. I prayed every night; I said my “Now I lay me’s;” I prayed for my entire extended family. I did that ever since I can remember. But it was not until I had the truth that I had a solid rock in my life so that I could stand and say, “That’s it! I ain’t moving. This is the true God, and devil, you’ve got to get out of here.”

It makes a difference where I can help people. I can ask somebody, “Would you like to get born again? Would you like to have eternal life? Well, I can help you with that.” Then share Romans 10:9 & 10 with them, lead them into speaking in tongues and say, “Look, you’ve got the proof now.”

Are you glad you have truth you do not have to yield on? Truth that will work! When we minister healing and deliverance to people, they know it is real, because it happens! It is the truth of God’s Word, and it changes things! We do not have to retreat from any of God’s promises. Do not follow the crumbs the devil leaves to try to get us off on tangents. We, and everyone else who believes the truth, are the focus of his major attacks. But he does not have his way with us.

Why rightly divide the truth? Because we are in danger of doing what the first century church did, forsaking the truth. “Oh,” you may say to yourself, “I’ve heard that before.” That statement sets off a warning alarm in my mind. That is the first bread crumb. “Oh, I’ve heard that before; I do not want to hear that again. Teach me something different, new! I have itching ears! I want to hear something unique!” Well, there is plenty of unique stuff. A lot of the unique material comes in our application of the truth and the testimony in our lives and in the lives of our people. You hear deliverance stories where folks say, “I’ve never heard it on that wise before” (Matthew 9:33). God tells you to do something really weird, and you do it, and something happens ― like to march around Jerusalem seven times and blow trumpets.

I remember one of the first times I sat with a lady for deliverance. She had some spirits, and she wanted some help with it, and God said, “Ask her about getting this mind picture.” When you go to the Father for help with ministering, you need to do whatever God tells you to do. So, I said to the lady, “Okay, now, what I would like you to do is get a picture of your mind like from a text book. You’ve seen brains where it looks like spaghetti in a bowl. Just get a picture of it in your mind.”

She says, “Okay, I’ve got it.”

And I say, “What do you see about it?”

“Well, it is like you said, ‘spaghetti in a bowl.’”

I say, “Is there anything unique?”

She says, “There are these black bumps in it; it has black spots.”

I say, “Okay, those are spirits, and we are going to get rid of them.”

So, we proceed through it and get rid of them. I say, “Okay, now get the picture in your mind, and what do you see now?”

She says, “Oh, it is all pink and clear.”

“Great, then we are all finished here.” We knew what they were, and we took the spirits out, and she was delivered.

Guess what I did the next time I ministered to somebody? I started with, “Okay, get a picture in your mind of your brain. What do you see?” Well she didn’t see anything. She couldn’t get any kind of mind picture. I continued to press, but it just wouldn’t work; I got nowhere. So, I went to the Father, and said, I’m sorry, I jumped the gun. What do you want me to do now. I was eventually able to help that gentleman, but it didn’t happen with mind pictures.

Why did that work for one ministering situation and not for another? The old revelation was not for the new situation. It was for the one before. So, what was I learning? Each person is unique, and God has an infinite number of solutions. You need to believe God each time to specifically meet the need. Some people receive visual insight and others do not. I had to quiet myself down and go to the Father with meekness on behalf of this new, precious child of God who had come to me expecting deliverance. That is how we learn. When we make mistakes, we do not give up. We go to our heavenly Father with humility and then do whatever it takes to get it right.

If we want to stay out of the same trap that caused the first century believers to forsake the truth and lose the mystery, we are going to need to be valiant for the truth. We will need to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ concerning the mystery without wavering. Our God is Almighty; He can keep us safe and secure. Let’s respond by being valiant for the truth and let God direct us as He sees fit.

Note: I have two others series prepared for this month that are related to this one on “Valiant for the Truth.” However, to break things up a bit and keep some variety in these messages I will be taking a few days between them to handle other topics.