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It’s time to level up, reach out, feel the beat, and go do what God’s called you to do! Christian Family Fellowship Ministry recently hosted a Women’s Weekend with the banner “Called to Prophesy: Instructed, Encouraged, Strengthened.”

It culminated in the Sunday morning live streamed service, which not only included a powerful teaching by Ellen Fowler, but also an opportunity for each of the guest speakers to give a word of encouragement and instruction from the Lord to the Christian Fellowship Family as a whole.

Read below for the highlights from each woman’s prophecy: notice how the theme may be the same, but God works differently in each one from their style and their heart. May it remind you how uniquely God works within you as well!

Level Up

Carol Furman encouraged CFF believers to “level up!” She explained, “It’s time to level up because the time is being accelerated. He wants you to step into what He’s called you to do. Get on the good foot!

It’s time to stand up and rise up. He is preparing an army and you are part of it. No longer step back; no longer shrink back.  Go forth in what He’s called you to do. Put your hand to the plow; don’t be afraid and walk in boldness.”

Graphic by Lisa McDonald


Be the Bridge

Then came Julie Schaecher – the Lord’s message through her was that CFF believers act as a bridge. They are a bridge to the generations: on one side, the varsity team, and the other side, the younger generation.

She also said CFF serves as a bridge to the nations, to faiths and people that do not know the name of Jesus.

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Julie concluded, “You’re a bridge to the lost. God is making connections…you are going to do mighty things!”

Believe God

During the Women’s Weekend, teacher Gayelee Reynolds had brought old-fashioned keys with a special word or phrase tied to each. At one point, the women were to give their keys to whoever God laid on their heart. Aida Soultanian of Carlsbad, California, was given a key with the word “believe.”

She said, “Sometimes you get that word, and you dismiss it, no, it can’t be right. But, that’s what prophetic is.

That is God, His small voice speaking inside your heart, and He’s telling you:  I love that momma, go encourage her. I love that daddy, go encourage him. That daddy is a father looking after his children; he needs encouragement.

Believe when God tells you ‘go do it’. Therefore now, go tell in Jesus’s name!”

“As Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon-possessed [and was now healed] begged to go with him. Jesus did not let him, but said, ‘Go home to your own people, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.’” Mark 5:18-19 NIV

 Decide How Far

 Ellen Fowler  brought a reminder of the depth of God’s love. She told the CFF family, “He will give you as much of himself as you want. He will take you as far into himself and into your identity as His beloved.”

“Look with wonder at the depth of the Father’s marvelous love that He has lavished on us! He has called us and made us His very own beloved children..” 1 John 3:1 TPT

Ellen continued, “He will take you as far as you want. You get to decide. He is holding out his arms and hoping, hoping that you will say ‘I want everything.’”

The Long Shot

 In the 2022 Kentucky Derby, the winner was Rich Strike, an overlooked and underestimated horse. His odds to win were 80 to 1 – literally the longest shot. How he won was by slipping in the side where no one saw him coming: no one expected Rich Strike to have that kind of speed and tenacity.

We are that long shot, according to Gayelee Reynolds! We are a people, a remnant, that is rising up in this hour. Gayelee referenced her time in the army, and how God is raising up His own army – and we are all a key.

She said, “We aren’t just doing church – we got a mandate now.  We all have to know that we’re the long shot.”

She encouraged the believers that “the world needs what we have” – a prophetic people, a people with a voice. But, she pointed out, “We have to get healed to get heard. I believe that God has been healing us for kingdom for the world now, not just kingdom for here.

God has brought us to this place to heal us, to raise us up. We are in a launching place.

You are the key. You feel the fire? That’s because it’s about the presence of God; it’s about the intimacy. When we are in our secret place, we are going to get our instructions. We are going to get our assignments.

Gayelee shared that before she came here, she was praying with some prayer warriors, and had a vision of an angel. When she shared the vision, one of the women with her said, “that’s because the ground you’re going to is first nation land.

Gayelee encouraged the CFF family that “God is restoring you back to the original state of what He called you to do. You guys are an apostolic hub in this season….you are a porthole. There is an opening, and a first nation callback, and a reestablishing of what is happening on this land.”

She used the silos around the rural Ohio property as an example of food that is being filled and given out because “of the resources that God is pouring into this house.”

 Photo by Renee Gaudet of Pixabay

Then, Gayelee and the Lord ended with the analogy of a drum. The movement in this region, in CFF believers and extended family, that is creating a rhythm.

“Can you hear the sound?” she asked, “Feel the beat. Hear the sound because God is moving and He is releasing you all over. I release you in the name of Jesus. Your heart is beating because God is calling you up for such a time as this.”

She ended by singing acapella RATTLE!

I hear the sound

Of dead bones rising

Can you hear the rattle?

If you would like to see each of the women, hear their prophecies, and learn more about the weekend overall, watch the Sunday service Rest in Love.