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When we accept Jesus as Lord, we receive his Spirit within us. Having “Christ in” us makes us Christians and children of God our Father. As we explore the Bible’s promises and walk by the Spirit’s direction, the character of the Christ within begins to transform us from the inside out, revealing Jesus to the world through our lives.


The Bible describes the followers of Jesus as God’s family. We are born again into an eternal household of the Father’s love. He has uniquely gifted each of His children and called us to stand together in compassion, encouragement, and forgiveness. The spirit-inspired kindness that we share in our faith-communities works to heal relationships and restore families.


Fellowship is relationship. Christian fellowship is an intimate partnership of spiritual connection, association, and involvement. God calls us to a personal relationship with Himself, with Jesus Christ, and with fellow believers so “that our joy may be full” (1 John 1:3-4). Our faith-community is devoted to encouraging and cultivating these healing partnerships for everyone involved. 

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