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Christian Family Fellowship writings provide you with teaching material and updates in our ministry.

Still in the Spirit: There’s a New Sheriff in Town!

By Ernie Dahl  -  Kenosha, Wisconsin At 6-years-old, I was sitting in the front row of a huge new church in Waukegan, Illinois. To my right was a statue of a mother, sitting with a grown man on her lap. He didn’t look well. I asked Sister Mary Theresa, “who are they?”...

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Cutting the Panic with the Sword of the Spirit

By CFFM Staff  In light of the current biological threat of Covid-19, our world has been consumed by doubt, fear, and panic. But God’s Word still shines like a beacon in the night making us, as Jesus put it, the light of the world. In Ephesians 6, God through the...

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To minimize the impact of the corona virus, the White House has now advised people not to gather in groups larger than 10. Until further notice, we will have no scheduled meetings at our Christian Family Fellowship church facility in Tipp City. Sunday morning...

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Won’t You Let Me Take You on a – Sea Cruise!?

By CFFM Staff  It may be cold and wet in some parts of the country, but a group of Christian Family Fellowship believers have been experiencing sunshine and glory days! Brothers and sisters-in-Christ from across the country recently returned from a Western Caribbean...

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Our Home – A Refuge from the World

By Daryl & Lauren Sturre - State Contacts, Hilton Head, SC Note: Christian Family Fellowship may have a building in Tipp City, Ohio, but our constituents and family extends around the globe. This is part of a series looking at how believers “do church” in their...

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It’s Never Too Late

By CFFM Staff With God and Jesus, it’s never too late. Never too late for a second chance or another opportunity. And when you take care of God’s stuff and honor Him and His Son, He always takes care of you. Jesus was (is!) a busy dude. In the span of one chapter – in...

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Love Christ, Love His Church

By Kevin Guigou Associate Pastor The church has gotten a bad rap.  It reminds some people of dry denominational structure or of a building on the corner.  To others, it might even stir memories of hurt and disappointment. But since the Bible speaks so positively of...

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The Beauty of Breaking Bread

By Joyell Nevins When is a meal more than just a meal? When God’s people are in the midst. In the beginning of Acts, right after Pentecost and Peter’s rousing speech, 3,000 souls became born again (meaning they received the Word of God, repented of their sins, and...

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How to Overcome Fear: Let God Meet You in the Middle

By CFFM Staff God is not intimidated by our fear. Fear doesn’t come from Him (II Timothy 1:7), and it can certainly gum up the works of whatever we are trying to accomplish. But God is willing to meet us wherever we are - and He can use some unexpected avenues to...

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