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Christian Family Fellowship writings provide you with teaching material and updates in our ministry.

The Antidote to Fear

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger Fear is a weapon of the enemy designed to keep God’s people trapped. Whether that fear arises from real circumstances or illogical conclusions, God tells us that we can walk through any valley or any terror filled with peace. “Yea,...

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What Will You Choose to Wait For?

By Sarah Mullens - CFFM Office Manager The most honest question I was ever asked about where I was going with my relationship with God was given to me in a basketball analogy. The question was, “If I had to choose between waiting to get seats behind the bench and meet...

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God is on the Move!

By Mark Harbert - Tipp City, Ohio I recently attended Funnel Hacking Live, a hybrid conference for my business. This was a secular sales and marketing conference that was four days long with about 3,000 live attendees and about 1,000 virtual attendees. There were...

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When We Disagree: Respecting Every Believer’s Journey

By Kevin Guigou -Associate Pastor When someone commits to Christ, they are also pledg­ing to help maintain unity among God’s family. But a call to unity must be more than: “If only folks would agree with me, then we’d all be unified!” We enter the body of Christ with...

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You Are Worth Fighting For

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger You didn’t sneak into the Kingdom of God. However you came to know the Lord – or are still figuring Him out – it started with His pursuit. God doesn’t just sit back and wait for us. He comes after us because He loves us. “For this is...

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Why Wait? Receive What’s Yours!

By Dorothy Kozar - Winston-Salem, North Carolina Too many times I long to arrive at something, only to find out that I already have it. Apparently, I am not alone, as this issue is continuously brought before me as a minister. Many requests for prayer are the same...

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A Year of Teaching, Testimony, and Thankfulness!

By Tonia Shroyer - Senior Pastor  Prepare yourself for numbers! I will use them to paint the pictures. The summer flew by as we hosted more than 200 for the Family Reunion, celebrating 25 years of Christian Family Fellowship Ministry. The teachings were powerful, the...

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From the Struggle Bus to the Victory Van

By Joe Salvo - Troy, Ohio Recently, I hit the pause button and evaluated the worth of my life. I reflected on all God and his son Jesus have brought me through and asked, “Why me?” I now have a different view of what it means to be a Christian. I stand in awe that I...

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What the Enemy Meant for Evil…God Can Turn to Good!

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger When God is for us, who can be against us? No one, no one, no one! God told His people through the prophet Isaiah that no weapon formed against them would prosper or succeed. He was speaking to the children of Israel while they were...

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