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Christian Family Fellowship writings provide you with teaching material and updates in our ministry.

Your Little, God’s Lot

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger It’s hot. The crowd is excited, probably exhausted. And now they’re likely ravenous. After one of the many occasions Jesus Christ was preaching and healing for a multitude, he noted that this crowd needed to eat! “Then Jesus lifted up...

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How to Read and Apply the Bible

By Pat Lubomski - Ypsilanti, Michigan Taking part in scheduled lessons is always exciting for me. I have taken quite a few online courses that are read, not watched, and I get a deeper understanding of the word of God that way. Image courtesy of PxHere Reading and...

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There’s a New Boss in Town!

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger  “The finality of the cross is not about giving us a license to sin all we want; it is about the freedom to let God love us and to love God in return…if we truly believe in the finality of the cross, we can stop focusing on sin and...

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The Key to a More Effective Prayer Life

By Jan Magiera - Colorado Springs, CO Would you like to have clearer answers to your prayers? In this study, we will look at a simple key to Bible interpretation that gives us three different things to do in our prayer life. The key is to find the action underlying...

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A Love Letter from the Lord

Compiled by Joyell Nevins - CFFM Blogger This has been the time of Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love, and often romantic love. But whether or not you have a Valentine here on earth, you absolutely are Someone’s valentine in heaven. What follows is a collection...

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Equipping Our Kids for Every Good Work

By Dottie Tompary - Louisville, Kentucky Eighteenth century theologian John Wesley once said, “I learned more about Christianity from my mother than from all the theologians in England.” The Methodist denomination started by Wesley remains influential today, and the...

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A Prayer For the Heroes of Heaven

By Kevin Guigou - Associate Pastor Father, today we pray for Your unsung saints… ...for all of us little-guys in big shoes. There’ve been a few believers over the centuries that you’ve called to more high-profile assignments, but almost the entire body of Christ for...

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How to Read the Bible Well

By Brent Joseph - Clermont, Florida The Bible is essentially a compact library made up of 66 individual books. These books were originally scrolls or letters kept distinct from each other until the Old and New Testaments were joined together. These inspired documents...

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A Voice to the Nations

By Joyell Nevins - CFFM blogger Before Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, he commissioned his disciples then and in the future with this proclamation: “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem,...

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I GET to Study the Bible!

By Carol Furman  - Dayton, Ohio Guess what?  It’s time for Bible study! That means I get to study the Bible not I have to study the Bible! If personal Bible study is a struggle for you, then maybe you need to change your approach. Shifting my mindset from I get to...

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