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By Joyell Nevins –CFFM Blogger

 Christian Family Fellowship Ministry believers and friends had their understanding enlightened and their funny bones tickled last weekend when Dr. Roberts Liardon of Roberts Liardon Ministries and Embassy International Church came to Tipp City.

In the words of Pastor Tonia, “He does not do needy; he does funny – and then he’ll wack ya [with the Word]! He’ll kick ya, and love ya, and give to you straight!”

Dr. Liardon pointed out that in John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” it’s to the depth that you understand the truth, it will set you free. So, he came to help increase our understanding!

Why “Roberts”?

No, that “s” in his first name is not a typo: Dr. Liardon’s mother was attending Oral Roberts University when he was born, and for the distinction of being the first male child of a student, he was named Roberts in honor of its founder, Oral Roberts.

Let’s start with some of his stats:

127 countries he has ministered in

40+ churches founded

80+ books translated into 60 languages with

16.5 million copies sold

1 giant heart of service

Liardon moves in the spirit, operates the nine manifestations, and believes in the power of story and truth. One of the truths he stands on is that the Lord truly does want you to prosper and be in health.

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” III John 2 NKJV

 Liardon informed us that throughout all of those countries he’s visited, prosperity and health are two things everyone needs, all the time. He took listeners on a tour through the Bible, from Job to Corinthians, showing that the Lord really does take pleasure in the prosperity of His servants.

He joked that when people try to insult him by calling him a prosperity preacher, Liardon responds, “would you rather me have an anointing to lay hands on you and you go broke?”

Liardon also preached the availability of divine health – hallelujah that healing is available, but we can get to the point where we don’t get sick!

No Age Limit on the Spirit

 At CFFM, we place high value on starting young: we know there is no age limit on holy spirit! Liardon has proved this – he knew from a young age he was called by God to serve in ministry to the church. While he was in Ohio, Liardon met with our young people and leaders for a special session before the big meeting.

Liardon preached his first public sermon at the age of 13, and was lecturing on God’s Generals in Christian colleges and universities at age 15.

From the time he was legal to drive, Liardon has been a general in the Lord’s Army himself. His first ministry was a radio program in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and his first book was I Saw Heaven, written at age 17.


Since then, Liardon has utilized every platform he can to preach the gospel and help bring maturity to the Church. Liardon has produced radio, television, and Internet programs, along with authoring books and creating film series.

One of those series, and one highly valued at CFFM, is God’s Generals. It chronicles the lives and ministries of some of the Church’s greatest leaders in revival movements throughout the world and time. It honors the leaders but does not sugarcoat their lives – Liardon shows why they succeeded, as well as why some failed.

During the weekend, he inspired us with many stories of believers that God worked because of their faith, and in spite of their faults! Or, as he put it, if those ‘generals’ of the faith could act out and still have success, “there’s hope for you!”

In between writing and producing and preaching, Liardon has helped found churches, build Bible colleges, and establish an AIDS education campaign in Namibia, Africa. He’s mentored with and learned from powerful men of God like Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. Lester Sumrall, Rev. Billy Joe Daugherty, Dr. R. T. Knedall, and Colin Dye. Spiritual elders like Revs. Mike and Judi Magel of CFFM call him friend.

Bringing Truth to Florida

Liardon’s present location is an international apostolic center in Orlando, Florida, called Embassy International Church, to serve his community and the nations. He and his congregation realize we as believers weren’t called to work alone, and so have established the ministerial network alliance Embassy Global Network.

The alliance is open to anyone in full-time ministry who shares the heart of Jesus and desires a relationship with Liardon and other like-minded ministers. They come together to achieve a common purpose for the Kingdom of God.

His team puts it this way: “Dr. Liardon speaks to a current generation of believers who want to draw closer to the heart and mind of God, and impact their communities and the nations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

To hear more of Dr. Roberts Liardon’s preaching, watch his CFFM Sunday morning sermon entitled Breaking Free.