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By Daryl & Lauren Sturre – State Contacts, Hilton Head, SC

Note: Christian Family Fellowship may have a building in Tipp City, Ohio, but our constituents and family extends around the globe. This is part of a series looking at how believers “do church” in their own neighborhoods.

Years ago, sitting in our living room, we looked at each other and said, “We need to get involved in the local Christian community.” The following Sunday we ended up at our local movie theatre where a nondenominational Christian church met. They called themselves “The Refuge.”

Through the church, we volunteered to host a Wednesday night community group in our home. Six or so people joined us, from all backgrounds, but with a common core – love for God and love for the Lord Jesus Christ!

God put us in the right place! Shortly after that one Sunday, The Refuge’s pastor felt it was time for him to move on, and he announced he was closing shop – no more services. We immediately made it known that we would continue our home group and move it to Sunday mornings.

A New Refuge

We have been meeting ever since. We are a home church, and we love to think of our home church as a ‘Refuge’ from the world!

It’s a place where people come and feel that they are loved, that they are part of a family. We are Christ centered, and this is a place where we open up the scriptures together, pray together, manifest holy spirit together, sing together, break bread together, encourage one another and help each other with physical needs.

We coordinate the home church, but everyone participates! It is everyone’s church. We share the teaching schedule, we share the food contributions, occasionally we change up the venue to some other location, and even have been known to “do church” on the water.

We love to play together going to local events as our schedule allows. We share in the joy of the Lord and see prayers answered together!

Love Locally, Share Nationally

Our home church is a local church and is not a part of a national network. However, we certainly enjoy the resources of other ministries. We are state contacts for Christian Family Fellowship Ministry, and our church enjoys and shares their newsletters, CDs, and live streaming.

In addition, some of us have participated in the “Messengers for Christ” program run by Pastor Wayne Clapp. We have also hosted “A Day in the Word” with Christian Family Fellowship, an inspiring event for all.

Our home church is a sweet refuge, a place for those that love God, love Jesus Christ, and want to grow in love for the family of God. All are welcome!