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Psalms 23:2, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.”
It is much easier to find the still waters in life if we allow ourselves to be led by God. With respect to not having any lack in our lives from the first verse in this psalm, God is said to actively lead His people. God’s guidance brings us to a place of peace and rest. This beautiful expression of God’s heart continues by stating plainly that our souls are restored by Him (Psalms 23:3). If there have been hurts imposed on our souls, our God will lead us into a restoration. Can you imagine the sound of gentle water? Part of the role of the Lord being our shepherd and not having anything to lack for is the repair of our mind. There is nothing that has been broken or harmed in our minds that God cannot bring back together again. Will we allow Him to lead us by the still waters? Where we have turmoil in our lives, are we asking God to take the lead? Once we ask the Father to lead us in this way, it is then our job to continue to look to Him. Are there relationships or is there a situation at work that has troubled our hearts? Let’s take time to pray to our God and heavenly Father and find the peace that He has promised. He still is a shepherd that desires we have no lack, especially with respect to our mental health. The peace of God will reside where He leads.