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By Sid Helmus  – Scotts, Michigan

 It started when Adam, one of my employees, told me his 10-year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer. With a pale and tearful look in his eyes, he said that she had a 4-pound tumor surrounding one of her kidneys that was inoperable and had spread through her body into her lungs.

For about two seconds, my heart was very heavy, until God said: “Don’t be afraid; this will end well.” I instantly thought I should go minister healing. But I wasn’t led to do that yet.

Adam thanked me and requested some time off to care for his daughter through the scheduled chemotherapy treatments. Adam later told me it was then that he and his family started searching for God’s help.

I continued to keep her in my prayers with my understanding and in spirit. Perfect prayer, also called speaking in tongues, is very powerful.

Complete healing comes only from God. Yet, through the doctor’s eyes, the chemo treatments had shrunk the kidney tumor enough to give them enough confidence to try removing it surgically. The lung cancer was still apparent. I was reminded by my staff that I had authorized the purchase of a 4-foot stuffed tiger to comfort Adam’s daughter in her recovery from that surgery.

A few days later, early in the morning before my eyes were even open, God’s Spirit spoke to my heart.

“Put on your ministering clothes today.”

 So, I got up, went downstairs, poured myself a cup of coffee, and came back up to my desk…all the time thinking that I was going to be sent to pray for someone else who I knew was scheduled for surgery that day.

But, as I sat down, my Lord Jesus told me to go minister healing to Adam’s daughter. I was excited by the proposal but thought for maybe a moment that this was just wishful thinking.

So, I asked, “Lord, what’s her name?” At that point, I only knew her as “Adam’s daughter.” Immediately, the Lord replied, “Reagan.” That moved me to tears because it was so clear, and I knew we were talking. He knows us intimately by name!

Jesus spoke to my heart that I should share with Reagan about the time he healed Jarius’s daughter. The Father also said to lead her into the new birth and to prophesy over her after she breathed in His Spirit. He gave me other specific instructions too, like picking up my nephew to assist me.

Entering her hospital room, I found Reagan sitting up I her chair with an IV drip going into her arm. She had the pale jaundice look of a very sick little girl. The big stuffed tiger was faithfully standing guard.

Reagan’s mother had been sleeping on the couch, but was now wondering, “Who are you?” I quickly identified myself by associating with the giant tiger.

After Reagan greeted me into the room, I asked Mom’s permission to share a story with her daughter. She nodded and remained on the couch, acting as though she was fading back to sleep.

Jesus is Alive and Empowered

I shared with Reagan the Biblical account from Mark 5 in words she could understand. I told her about Jesus’s death and how God his Father made Jesus alive again, just like Jesus made Jarius’s daughter alive.

I taught her about things of the Spirit. I shared that Jesus was still alive and spiritually empowered. I told Reagan that the same Jesus and his Father were with us in the room, and that they wanted to heal her.

I asked her to breathe in God’s Spirit. I taught her that the Spirit she breathed in was going to stay with her forever and was going to chase all the cancer out of her body. She had named her tumor, but we agreed it had to go.

I put my hand on her covered leg and asked our Father to heal her. Then, she said that her arm with the IV was started to hurt, so I reached out and touched it. She jumped as soon as I touched her, and the pain left immediately. I prophesied over her and told her she is special to God and would continue to be.

Living Cancer-free

 A few days later, Adam came to my office and thanked me. He told me the doctors did some tests after I left and confirmed that THE CANCER WAS GONE.

Today, Adam, his wife, and Reagan are born again and searching for more truth from God’s Word. They’re thankful for God’s deliverance, and so am I!

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