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By Debra Orders  – Hendersonville, NC

I’ve heard it said that God often takes the lemons of life and makes lemonade out of them. I’ve seen this is true.

My husband Eric and I live in Hendersonville, North Carolina. God has blessed us. We have five boys and thirteen grandchildren.

From Sorrow to Joy

An amazing time in my Christian journey started in 2013, although I didn’t realize it at the time. My mom and dad both became very ill. My dad died in 2016 and my mom the next year when she quit dialysis.

I was a broken person. In my sorrow I began to seek God like never before.

During a time of praise in a local church, God stirred some special things in my life. I felt that I had a unique encounter with the Lord Jesus who spoke to me — “I am going to come and heal your broken heart.”

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 NASB

With open arms he engulfed me and healed my heart. Then he danced with me through two songs. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

I wanted more — to know Jesus more — so I began asking for him, longing for him with a burning desire. I began asking him to give me assignments.

Take It to the Streets

In March of 2020, God began to give me puzzle pieces, but I couldn’t figure out how they fit together. They came as words, an article, a picture, a book. I read about Azusa Street and dwelling in God’s presence and love.

Then in June, God woke me up at 2 AM and gave me a download. “Love and Praise Unlimited,” a community praise experience, was born for the streets of my town and surrounding areas.

The first singing event was held on the courthouse lawn of our own Hendersonville. The praise reached people walking along the streets.

Visitors from two hours away, a 14 and 10-year-old, stood weeping. They had melted with tears of joy and longing in the atmosphere of praise .

The 14-year-old shared with me that she didn’t know this is what she needed in her life. Her brother shook his head in agreement. They were so touched that they asked their parents if they could all move to our town!

That afternoon in a cloudless sky, a rainbow appeared over the courthouse where we were worshiping. People were inspired by the time together, asking us when we would do it again.

Take It to the Park

We used Flat Rock Park for the next gathering. People were again moved by the experience, but the park ranger became irritated. He said that we were too loud and told us that we couldn’t use any amplification the next day.

Many of the worship team members prayed for him. The next day, the same park ranger returned like a different person! His kindness had blossomed overnight; we were allowed to use amplification. Only God works in people’s hearts like that.

Take It to a Venue

In October, I looked into a venue in Brevard, a nearby town. The lady in charge said “absolutely not” because of COVID-19 concerns, but she had to inform the police department of our request.

The next day she emailed me and said the police chief wanted to talk with me. When I called, he asked that we meet. At the meeting, he said he wanted the event to happen and that we should pick a place. We were approved!

In every venue, God and Jesus went before us, opened doors, worked on hearts, waved fees and showed up every time.  We have had five outside events.

Prophecy and Rainbows

Atmospheres have changed, seventeen-year-olds have sat and spoken to us about Jesus.

A homeless drug addicted man sat and wept. When we asked him what he needed he said, “to be saved.”

Every time opposition has come, it has been overcome by the Kingdom.

One time the worship team forgot their microphone. We asked a nearby brewery and they responded, “Take ours and use it.”

God sent people to speak and prophecy flowed.  Another rainbow in a cloud appeared over the courthouse.

Once we had children worshiping with flags while their leader shared with them the Hebrew meanings of each color and the name of God it represented.

While working with some local businesses to present praise music in their stores, I struggled to get enough bands to fill the venues.

But soon, one of the worship team ladies suggested that we consider the local Echo Mountain Inn facility. I recall saying out loud that I will check it out soon; but then felt God saying, “Why don’t you go now?

When I told the owner about our recent praise activities, she said, “We just wrote on our calendar two days ago that we need to do worship here.”  Wow, talk about Jesus going before you!  On top of a mountain looking down over the cities, we will be praising and worshiping… breaking powers and principalities.

Just say YES!

Just say “Yes!” to whatever God asks. Take that first step. He will go before you, walk with you, overcome every opposition, and provide whatever is needed to carry out his vision.

Your trust in him will increase as he takes you from glory to glory in his loving presence. Just say, “Yes Lord whatever you want!”

“…Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” Luke 1:38 KJV