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By Mark Harbert – Tipp City, Ohio

I recently attended Funnel Hacking Live, a hybrid conference for my business. This was a secular sales and marketing conference that was four days long with about 3,000 live attendees and about 1,000 virtual attendees.

There were several speakers during this event, and there was one speaker in particular that I was excited to hear. Garrett J. White is somebody that speaks every year and is super intense. He runs Wake Up Warrior, a company that is designed to help men become better fathers, husbands, and business owners.

When this guy comes out and speaks, he can rattle cages. He cusses like a sailor and really pulls no punches when it comes to speaking his opinions.

Every year, he comes out in his trademark black pants and shirt. Well, this year he came out with all white on. Right away, I knew there was something different.

What Changed

He went on to share about the success of his business and how over the years he has always listened to his gut on the direction to take for his business. He called it his “inner voice,” and explained how it always leads him in the right direction.

Well, about a year prior, the voice came to him and told him, “I am not just a voice, I have a name.” And with tears streaming down his face, he said, “My name is Jesus.”

When Garrett said that, the crowd erupted into cheers. Mind you, this is a secular event.

After he told the crowd this testimony, he brought some of his team members out on the stage, and they started to sing “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe.

Spiritual Meets Secular

When they started singing, a full-blown worship service broke out. People started raising their hands and worshipping, jumping up and down, and praising God.

I was so blown away because seeing what was happening, you would have thought this was a mega-church or something similar, but it was a secular event.

After the song, he went on and shared many more stories about what God was doing in his life. I even saw people saying how they were in shock because this was not the same guy they saw last year. They couldn’t believe how different he was.

God Keeps Moving

God showed me something that day. He showed me that while the world might be in a crazy time right now, He is still moving.

While sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in politics, or what’s going on in the world, He is moving how He wants and when He wants.

He is still calling people to Him to give them hope and a future. So, if you are tempted to feel down because of the state of the world, don’t be. We have to focus on what God is doing, not what the devil is doing.

God is still moving. He is still winning people back to him.

We just have to train our eyes to see it.

Mark, a small business owner, lives with his wife Juany and daughter Nicole in Tipp City. Mark and Juany serve on the pastoral care team at CFF.

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