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By Kevin Guigou – Associate Pastor

 Part 1 was about the joy of Bible study – WHY it matters. Part 2 dives into the HOW of Bible study.

Approaches to study might include a scheduled program to read through the whole Bible. Others would enjoy a meditative deep-dive on one book of the Bible, one chapter, or digging into a single verse.

We can study a certain topic or theme that stirs our spirit or track the usages and occurrences of a particular word in English or in a Biblical language.

We might invest some focus on a certain character in Scripture. Tracking Biblical chronology, investigating the “red thread” of Christ, exploring discoveries in archaeology or learning cultural history could be a believer’s passion.

Learning the differences in literary genre might stir us, since it can greatly affect interpretation.

For example, the books of Proverbs, Matthew, Philemon and Revelation need to be approached with different lenses and expectations. Why not try out a fresh approach?

Exploring God’s written revelation involves a mixture of dedication, meditation, memorization, and collaboration… resulting in application and transformation.

We can truly say we’ve learned something when it has a meaningful effect on our words and actions. Bible study can literally change our life.

Study materials in a student’s panoply can include the Bible in multiple translations, a good study bible with resource notes, a reader’s Bible (without chapters or verses), concordances and lexicons, interlinears, commentaries, topical books, and systematic theologies.

Using Technology for Study

All of the approaches and materials that we’ve been highlighting (and more) are available through the technology of the internet.

Of course, the practice requires wise navigation, but among useful online media resources that have kingdom potential are YouTube, Facebook (3+ billion monthly users), Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, What’s App, TikTok, Twitter, blogging, and podcasting.

Online seminars and audio books can offer fine-tuned access to topical learning and fellowship. Many believers also attend a church and stay in community through regular live streaming of services or Zoom fellowships.

Investigating internet methods of Bible study can be as simple as doing a search on “How to study the Bible” or on any topic, definition, Bible character, or geography.

Among free Bible study apps and websites are Blue Letter Bible, Bible Project, Bible Gateway, Olive Tree, Bible Hub, and Revised English Version (REV).

Among the best paid programs for serious students of Scripture are Accordance Bible Software and the Logos Bible Study App. Many of these online sites also allow our devices to read certain Bible versions to us out loud.

The most globally popular free Bible app is
YouVersion. It is already installed on more than 500 million global tech devices and offers a Bible for smartphones, tablets, and online.

The resource makes available over 2,800 Bible versions in almost 1,900 languages.

It’s simple to use and includes a sizeable selection of translations and themed plans for reading and study.

It also allows users to share progress directly to social media, allows notes to be synced across users’ devices and platforms, and it includes multimedia, images, maps and video.

Let’s not condemn technology simply because it’s often abused or we’re confronted with ideas we don’t agree with. Would we condemn the use of electricity, paper and pen, or television just because they are all often used to communicate evil words?

The tools aren’t the problem. Every means of communication can either be exploited or used for the kingdom.

Let’s not be distracted or confused. Let’s bring every “click” captive to the obedience of Christ!

 Photo by Darren Larson of Flickr

It’s a Lifestyle

The use of technology shouldn’t be our only Christian interaction. There are important face-to-face aspects to the Christian living that can’t be replaced by technology, but the online environment opens up abundant access to resources and platforms for kingdom growth.

Ours is a lifestyle of the joyful exploration of God’s written Word. Scripture is unfolded to our hearts by the same Spirit that inspired it.

Its revelation illuminates for us the sacred story of redemption and the intimate lordship of Jesus. We’re seekers on the hunt for richer understanding, questing for more of the Author’s glory.

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