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By Tari Day – Huntington, WV

 I know my life has been preserved by the prayers of faith.

Are there any believers in your fellowship suffering great hardship and distress? Encourage them to pray! Are there happy, cheerful ones among you? Encourage them to sing out their praises! Are there any sick among you? Then ask the elders of the church to come and pray over the sick and anoint them with oil in the name of our Lord. And the prayer of faith[s] will heal the sick and the Lord will raise them up, and if they have committed sins, they will be forgiven. Confess and acknowledge how you have offended one another and then pray for one another to be instantly healed, for tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer!” James 5:13-16 TPT

This past fall, my husband Mike and I tested positive for COVID-19. The first seven days were very mild but on day eight, we felt very fatigued.

I delayed going to the hospital when my breathing became rapid—I thought “shortness of breath” meant gasping for breath. And frankly, I didn’t want to go to the hospital or end up staying there.

Bad move! Covid pneumonia set into my lungs and overwhelmed me.

I was admitted to the hospital intensive care unit on Thanksgiving Day, 2020. The hospital was on lockdown to visitors, so Mike wasn’t allowed to be with me.

In ICU, my brain seemed to be shut down to just the absolute necessities. Life became tunnel vision. All I could think or do was to concentrate on breathing.

No, I didn’t read Scriptures. I didn’t sing or watch worship songs. All I could think about were the six inches from my nose to my lungs.

I Want to Live

Even though my normal thought process was diminished, I asked Mike for prayer. And I knew I was protected by angels set at my door—nothing ungodly was allowed in.

Calls of “code blue” (cardiac or breathing failure) were all around, but I was safe. I spoke in tongues in prayer. And I was at rest, knowing that if I died, I had God’s peace… but I wanted to live!

On the fifth day, Mike asked a hospital chaplain to pray with me. Pardon me for saying this, but I was not in the mood.

I didn’t know her, and I just wanted to say, “Amen” and have her leave. (Please be wise when praying with anyone very sick. Pray powerfully but with brevity!)

On December 2, I texted “PRAY OXYGEN” to Mike. A texted prayer was his response. He also sent Scriptures about healing and a song video we use when we are in intense spiritual battles.

But I didn’t appreciate Mike’s input at the time, because I couldn’t think clearly! However, the next day they proved instrumental to my recovery.

Going into Battle Mode

On December 3, a CPAP machine was required for breathing and oxygen. If that didn’t work, putting me on a ventilator was the next step. I was so weak.

The first baby effort on my own accord was at midnight that evening. I watched an anointed version of the worship video, “Surrounded (Fight My Battles).”

To my heart, it echoed, “…this is how I fight my battles!…” As I began to think more clearly, the song provided a victory plan that prayerfully put me in battle mode!

God’s fingerprints were all over my situation. His goodness and mercy were with me.

I was in the hospital for 23 days; 17 of those in ICU. When I was moved to the COVID-19 floor, I was able to go to a window to see my encouraging husband Mike in the parking lot holding up a sign expressing his love for me!

Going Home

On December 18, I was released to go home. The first morning home my dear husband held my hand and cried.

Mike had not previously shared how much he himself had been suffering during our ordeal. He had maintained our home and businesses, while staying focused on intense prayers for me, sometimes non-stop for hours at a time.

Together, Mike broke down and expressed his burden in his heart. He felt that he had waited too long before taking me to the hospital.

In response, I was crushed that he had felt that guilt! “Oh honey! I’m so sorry! It was me who dragged my heals, kicking and screaming, not you!” We asked forgiveness from each other.

He shared that priorities had to change, so we determined to spend more time together. Mike is such a precious man to me—He is my Champion!

Effective Prayer Avails Much

On my second day home, I was contemplating what had happened. I struggled with the thought: “You weren’t very spiritual, nor did you acknowledge God or Jesus” during those first few days of fighting for my life.

I immediately spoke to Mike as that thought came into my mind, and I said, “My holy spirit is saying, I couldn’t be spiritual because my brain was shut down and couldn’t think, so I NEEDED the prayers of prayer warriors. When I couldn’t believe for myself, you all carried me until I could. We all need each other!”

Your prayers effectively preserved both Mike and me.

Also, we felt the burden of trauma upon us, so we asked Mike and Judi Magel to minister deliverance to us and impart healing. It was such a powerful time of healing prayer and energizing of our ministries.

It’s been several months since coming home, and I’m getting stronger every day. I’m still watchful about contact because of cold and flu germs.

I have to be patient with the process of healing, but I’m now off of oxygen, insulin and inhaler meds! (Psalms 116:1-9)

THANK YOU for continued prayer for Mike and for me in our time of need.

What Did I Learn?

Lessons learned: Get help quickly; be brief when praying for very sick people; we need each other; steel your mind…

Pray, praise, communion, deliverance, forgive, touch, express value and appreciate your loved ones, be patient and kind (including to yourself), be thankful, dream, hope and LOVE.

Mike and Tari Day ordained with Christian Family Fellowship Ministry and serve across the Body of Christ as wise resources in deliverance and healing ministry, church management, business counseling and much more.