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What about angels? That’s one of the questions Pastors Mike and Judi Magel ask in their new book Angels & Miracle Healings: True Stories of God’s Power, Presence, and Divine Intervention. It is a collection of Bible teaching and modern day testimonies of not only the presence and employment of angels, but also miraculous healings!

“We know that angels have important work to do, and we demonstrate from firsthand accounts the service of angels and how they may function in our lives,” the Magels write in the preface.

Assignments and Angels

With the personal motto “Refired, not retired!” the Magels have continued to inspire people in and out of Christian Family Fellowship. Judi put it this way: “If we’re still breathing, we’re here for a reason. God’s got assignments for us to do!”

The senior couple walk in signs, miracles and wonders, because they seek Jesus and expect him and our Father God to do what they said they will do.

As Senior Pastor Tonia Shroyer describes, “Angels & Miracle Healings was birthed from the hearts of two people who, after 58 years of marriage, are still answering the call that Jesus speaks to all of us – to follow him. They know that testimonies serve as catalysts that will bring us face-to-face with the signs, miracles, and wonders that are so needed today.”

“…Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. They triumphed over [the accuser] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” Revelation 12:10-11 NIV

Tonia also jokes, “Even though they are more than 25 years older than me, I often have to run to catch up!”

The Magels also expect that God and Jesus can work in others the same way.

“Each of us can do what we’re commanded to do; we just have to step out and do it,” Judi declared.

A Scriptural Foundation

The Magels start by showing through the Bible how angels are discussed and function. Did you know they are mentioned almost 300 times in the Word of God?

Angels & Miracle Healings travels from Genesis to Revelation with multiple stops in between to read where and how angels appear, and what some of their assignments and responsibilities are. Angels serve as God and Jesus’s messengers, ministers, and warriors, and they work with us!

The Magels also point out that if Satan has spirits/angels working for him, God’s got way more on his side: “Hallelujah! Do you think God the Father and Jesus are just going to sit back and have all those that were spirits running wild and the other two-thirds of the good angels doing nothing? That just doesn’t make sense!”

Word of Their Testimony

Then, the Magels share angel testimonies they’ve collected from believers all over the world. Mike announced it one time from the Christian Family Fellowship platform that they were gathering testimonies about angels and healings, and the responses started flooding in! Stories of how God saved the day by sending angels in winter storms, in homes and workplaces, on busy highways and on darkened streets.

One testimony from a pastor in Florida tells how he went to give a dying man ‘last rites’ and found out “I didn’t do that very well” – because two angels showed up in the room and the person ended up getting up and living a full life!

The testimonies range in age, too, from teenagers to the elderly. The only common thread is that someone was in a pickle, and God and Jesus used angels to help them out of it!

Shine Bright

The Magels have seen the spiritual kingdom at work in their own lives and those around them. They exude faith and joy, and encourage others to walk in that same power and light.

“The darker it gets, the brighter we shine,” Judi says, “Keep on doing – let God be God, and it’s just fun!”

Angels & Miracle Healings: True Stories of God’s Power, Presence, and Divine Intervention is available for purchase on Amazon.